A Commitment To Aviation
Ansett Aircraft Spares & Services is an authorized distributor for world-class manufacturers, supplying spares for commercial, regional, military and general aviation aircraft. We stock an extensive range of products to support your critical, Just-In-Time delivery schedules, so you can lower your costs and shorten your lead times. 


Diversified Communications Group
CAGE Code: 1UD49

DCG offers products exclusively designed for ground-based aeronautical communications, including UHF and VHF-AM radio and antenna systems, UHF ground systems, dispatch consoles, remote systems, dial access and VoIP, digital recorders and the only FAA-certified – TSO’d DTMF cockpit microphone in the industry.




CAGE Code: 60253

ARTEX “Leading the world in ELT Technology” Artex Aircraft Supplies Inc., design and manufacture Emergency Locator Transmitters for General, Corporate, Military and Commercial Aviation. They also manufacture beacons ELT test sets and replacement battery packs for many popular ELT’s.




CAGE Code: 00752 
HAARIS formally EDO Corporation is fully committed to the antenna market both as a developer of unique and superior performance antennas for the most demanding requirements. By acquiring Dorne & Margolin Antenna Technologies (D&M), the cumulative 100 years of design and experience, HAARIS offers a wide portfolio, providing customers diverse antennas to satisfy the need for virtually any platform. 




Essex PB&R
CAGE Code: 0U058 

Essex PB&R offers an assortment of protective breathing equipment for homeland defense, law enforcement, victim rescue, emergency building evacuation, executive, commercial airline crew, corporate travel, & general travel.




Meggitt Braking Systems Corporation (MABSC)
CAGE Code: 0B9R9 

MABS equipment is installed on more than 30,000 aircraft worldwide, from commercial transport to general aviation and military. MABS is a premier manufacturer of wheel and brake management systems.




CTRL Systems Inc.
CAGE Code: 62373

CTRl Systems specializes in designing acoustic ultrasound technology and implementation programs for quality control, energy savings, life cycle maintenance and industrial reliability programs.




Bill Thomas Associates (BTA)
CAGE Code: 3FEB4

BTA is the primary manufacturer of ATA 300 specification containers for the shipment of oxygen systems, wheels and brake assemblies, engines and components. BTA’s products provide a shipping solution that meets regulatory standards and protects the contents of more then 10,000 categorized part numbers.




General Electric
CAGE Code: 08806

We carry a complete line of quality lamps made by General Electric for aircraft, including landing / taxiing, instrument, indicator, emergency, wing inspection, position, flashing signal, interior and flood lights.




FSC Code 032T9

Checkers is serving a diverse number of customers and markets worldwide for over 25 years. Aviation chocks are made of highly durable, lightweight polyurethane. The Warning Whips are manufactured in the USA, utilized on runways around the world. By using innovative technology and high quality materials, high-visibility Monster Barricade Lights, beacons, and strobe lights provide superior performance and increased life to reduce replacement costs.